Hacker Guide

First time hacker? No worries!

This starter kit is designed to help hackers with little to no experience get a jumpstart on what can seem like a very intimidating week ahead. You'll find tutorials, Don't fret if you find yourself getting stuck at every step along the way, whether it's struggling to implement a tricky algorithm or even failing to understand the basics of Git (we've all been there). Help will always be given at NaijaHacks to those who ask. Best of luck!

Team Formation Workshops Mentors Prizes
Need help finding a team? Join our slack Channel to find other hackers like you!, you’ll get the chance to talk to numerous hackers about their experience, skills, and interests in order to form a team. Want to learn some cool new skills you can apply to your project? Attend a workshop! This year’s topics include Blockchain with Python, UI Design, Data Visualization, and more. The full schedule is on our day of website. Stuck? Not sure where to begin? Join our slack Channel below. We're here to help hackers of all experience levels. Interested in winning cool prizes like 1M, Cellphones, drones, and Bose Headphones? View our list of prizes on NaijaHacks.